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FMPay and UnionPay Collaboration

Jun 1, 2023

The Collaboration between FMPay and UnionPay: Expanding Your Payment Possibilities

The partnership between FMPay and Union pay further revolutionises the payment landscape. This collaboration opens up a world of opportunities, allowing your business to tap into a much larger market and enabling smoother payment transactions.

UnionPay, the leading bankcard scheme finance giant from China, is renowned for its high-quality, cost-effective, and secure cross-border payment services. With the world's largest cardholder base, UnionPay brings unrivalled potential to your payment systems.

A Global Reach

UnionPay cards are accepted in a staggering 180 countries and regions worldwide. Moreover, this payment system is supported by various digital wallet providers, including Samsung Pay, Apple Pay, and Huawei Pay. What's more, UnionPay mobile payment services, such as UnionPay mobileQuickPass and UnionPay QR code payment, are already available in 94 countries and regions. This level of accessibility and convenience empowers businesses and individuals alike to make transactions seamlessly across borders.

Convenience and Security

UnionPay's commitment to convenience and security is at the heart of its services. Multiple security technologies and robust risk monitoring ensure the utmost safety of cross-border online payments. Whether you're using a personal computer, tablet, or mobile phone, UnionPay offers a highly secure online payment experience.

Leadership in Fintech

UnionPay's remarkable success story in fintech makes it a breakthrough leader in the industry. By introducing their smart payment system, UnionPay has brought unification, prosperity and innovation to China and the world. As a socially responsible organisation, UnionPay also upholds the core value of "Share Growth," actively contributing to environmental responsibility, education and community-based projects.

The ongoing strategic partnership between FMPay and UnionPay marks a significant milestone in the evolution of the payment industry. Seamlessly connecting businesses and individuals across borders, this ongoing collaboration promises expanded opportunities, enhanced convenience, and heightened security. Embrace the future of payment systems and unlock new horizons for your business with FMPay and UnionPay.

Discover the power of UnionPay's global payment solutions and elevate your business to new heights. Explore the endless possibilities by partnering with FMPay today.

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