Fast & secure payment gateway checkout to grow your business

FMPay provides a secure out-of-the-box checkout & payment gateway solution. It is simple to integrate and versatile enough to fit any business model of any size.

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What FMPay Checkout can offer you

Marketplace integrations

Checkout supports multiple eCommerce platforms. Get the plugin for the platform you trade on.

International markets

We offer a truly global coverage for cross border payments in multiple currencies.

Increased conversions

Straightforward payment gateway checkout process reduces late-stage dropouts.

Fully certified & compliant

We are authorised and supervised by the FCA and work to very strict international standards.

Recurring payments

Ideal for subscription models and enhancing your business proposition.

Fully optimised

You can be confident in accepting secure payments across all devices.

Improved customer experience

We provide a diverse assortment of features that are designed to provide maximum value.

Fraud & risk management

Advanced risk management and anti-fraud systems for secure revenue.

Branded checkout

We recognise your brand is important to you so we offer a fully branded solution.

We provide a seamless customer experience from payment gateway checkout to settlement. FMPay Checkout accepts Mastercard®, Visa® and UnionPay®. We also provide recurring and one-click payments offering greater versatility to your business. Payment acquiring has never been easier!

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How Checkout works

Once the onboarding process and technical integration are complete, you are ready to accept payments through our secure payment gateway. Depending on your choice and PCI-DSS compliance status, you will either collect the card details yourself and pass those on to us, forward the customer to a branded payment page on our server, show this page in IFrame or manually generate a payment link from the back office.

Each step of the process in our system is fully adjustable and you may fine-tune the payment page and adjust your anti-fraud settings at any time.

Steps to get started

We strive to review your application within 1-2 business days once we have received all supporting documents for your website and business, as well as incorporation documents for your company.

Contact us by providing a few details about your business.

Our specialist will contact you to discuss your requirements.

Complete the onboarding questionnaire and upload your documents via the link.

After your application is accepted, we'll send our service contract.

Integrate your business with our payment gateway using various methods.

That's it! You're ready to take your business to the next level.

Steps to get started

We strive to review your application within 1-2 business days once we have received all supporting documents for your website and business, as well as incorporation documents for your company.


Make sure that your contact information is visible and can be found easily on your website. Such information shall include: your company name; registration details, including registration number; contact email, contact phone number and correspondence instructions.

Services & goods

Make sure that all services and goods have clear descriptions of their features, validity, limitations, price and terms of delivery.


The client must have the possibility to read and agree to the Terms and Conditions before making the payment. The checkbox cannot be pre-filled in the shopping cart.

Information and security

Please publish the Customer Information Security Procedures and Privacy Policy.


Ensure PCI DSS compliance, have a valid SSL certificate (https://), and a fully functional website to provide a safe and secure shopping experience for your customers.

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Whether you have a question, feedback, or a concern, we encourage you to send us a message. Our team of experts is available to assist you and will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible.

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Get started with ease using FMPay's secure and user-friendly payment processing gateway. With seamless integration, also available for top e-commerce platforms, setup is quick and hassle-free.

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