Why us

Clients are flocking to our door for a multitude of reasons that are as numerous as they are compelling.

Why clients choose us

Our payment gateway offers numerous advantages that set us apart from our competitors.

Privately owned & independent

As a privately owned and independent company, we're solely focused on growing our clients' business without any external constraints.

Our four pillars

Innovation & Technology; Trust & Integrity; Empowerment; Social Responsibility. There is rarely a singular reason for partnering with us. When you become our client, you receive the whole package.

Quick settlements

Settlements every 3 days to improve cash flow and operational efficiency.

Quick onboarding procedure

Faster time-to-market in the highly competitive eCommerce industry.

Trustworthy & secure

Manage risk with caution but don't miss opportunities. Our advanced systems prevent fraud, letting you focus on business growth.

Intuitively easy management & reporting

Automated reporting and streamlined management processes to improve the overall effectiveness of the business operations.

Multi-lingual technical support

Our multinational team provides global support with excellent understanding of regional diversity in language and culture, crucial for the global commerce.

Corporate social responsibility

Integrity is our core pillar, embedded with strong ecological and ethical ethos to address environmental and ethical concerns.

The technical why

We want to make our services clear and straightforward. That is why FMPay has created an acquiring platform where merchants can sign up quickly and start integration, where everything works perfectly right out of the box.

Beneath this, however, you can find a powerful toolkit that allows merchants to adjust almost anything to their needs.You can fine-tune your payment page, set up limits and anti-fraud rules, view detailed descriptions of each declined transaction, as well as generate analytical and accounting reports.

We are here for you

Start accepting payments online

Get started with ease using FMPay's secure and user-friendly payment processing gateway. With seamless integration, also available for top e-commerce platforms, setup is quick and hassle-free.

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